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Free Shipping on all orders NOW pan India! | Free Gift on orders INR 5000 & above!! (T&C Apply)
Free Shipping on all orders NOW pan India! | Free Gift on orders INR 5000 & above!! (T&C Apply)
Imagine if sustainable living was easy, fun, and affordable. With EcoFreaky, it can be!

Imagine if sustainable living was easy, fun, and affordable. With EcoFreaky, it can be!

EcoFreaky is a Delhi-based start-up founded by Anuj Ramatri- An Ecofreak, Mr Anuj Ramatri, as said in his TEDx speech, has been Environment conscious since Childhood. As he grew, he further noticed the various problems and issues related to waste and pollution.

In 2020, he started creating content on Environment Awareness for the people to be familiar with how we can save our planet and become Environment friendly by making easy and simple changes to our lifestyles. His YouTube, Facebook and Instagram started to grow rapidly because of his creative ideas and love for the Environment. People not only liked the content he made but also started to follow the simple steps and alternatives Mr Ramatri presented in his videos and films.

During this, Mr Ramatri also made content- short films on people who are working for the Environment and are into making Environment-friendly alternatives to plastic and other materials that pollute the Earth and are harmful to us. While doing this, he noticed that the products he promotes are Eco-friendly but could be more affordable for the masses. And he also received feedback from his followers to create a place where they can quickly get everything Eco-friendly.

After a lot of research and observation, in 2022, he came up with his own Eco-friendly and Sustainable Brand- EcoFreaky. Mr Ramatri said, “ EcoFreaky has always been a part of the plan, but my followers and friends brought this dream into reality”.

At EcoFreaky, Mr Anuj Ramatri and his small group of employees reached out to small and big businesses and start-ups; along with this, they also connected with our farmers and artisans to bring together Eco-friendly products at the best rates to make them affordable for everyone.

In January 2023, was launched, where we saw prices of products as low as Rs. 24. EcoFreaky sells a wide range of Eco-friendly and Sustainable products at the lowest and most affordable prices.

Products like Bamboo Toothbrushes, an amazing alternative to plastic made toothbrushes, a single plastic toothbrush, if not recycled, takes hundreds of years to decompose. Imagine the first toothbrush you used is somewhere, still polluting the Planet.

Bamboo cutlery in place of single-use plastic cutlery that we use at stalls and cafes is a major cause of pollution as it has polluted the environment for more than 500 years and is life-threatening for animals who consume these along with the food that is left over them.

Along with this, they also sell Zero-waste products like Natural Ridge Gourd Loofahs and Cleaning Scrubs made of coconut waste which retail only at Rs.29 each. Isn’t this affordable?

Not only this, but they also have unique packaging. EcoFreaky delivers the products to your doorstep in the most Eco-friendly and Sustainable manner. They reuse old boxes and packaging to pack their products, and inside the box, you can find a handwritten personalised note written on recycled paper.

The best part about this start-up is that they not only make content and videos on their products but also educate people on different things related to the Environment and spread Environment Awareness through their social media handles.

Mr Ramatri said, “We have come a long way, but there is still a long way to go. We are still adding new Eco-friendly products to our website every day and will continue doing so for the longest time.”

Becoming Eco-friendly and choosing a sustainable lifestyle is the need of the hour, and we should do this by supporting start-ups that work hard for the Environment. Follow and support Mr Anuj Ramatri and his team by contributing to their initiative and making the world a better and greener place for yourself and the coming generations.

By - Aamna Sadiq

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