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Watch how EcoKaari UPCYCLES single-use Waste Plastic

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Upcycled-Handwoven Collection

Happy Conscious Customers!

My daughter is into recycling, so I thought to give her one and keep one. When they came - very quickly, also - I was so pleasantly impressed by how large, beautiful and functional they were! I’m so happy with these tote bags!!! The photos online don’t do them justice. They were not cheap, but with the jobs provided to the makers of the totes, and the reuse of packaging simply thrown away, they are worth the price. I will most likely buy other products!

Kimberly Farnsworth

I'm happy both the way, environmental and customer aspect. The product is really really nice. And most importantly it is durable and robust, also provides good protection to the Kindle. I am glad I also saved the environment by purchasing this product. I'm looking forward to buy more products of EcoKaari.

Swapnil Rane

Very Good, very well made product The finishing and tagging of the product has been very very good. Each made to perfect size and uniformity. The stitching quality looks heavy duty and also the zip used is of good quality. Please keep up with the quality of your products. Thank you for timely delivery and  packaging.


Beautiful bags! Absolutely beautiful, could never believe it is made from recycled wrappers. Great initiative, all the best for showing us the eco friendly way, Truly RRR(Reduce Reuse Recycle) principle. My wife approves it, it's a great product. She has planned to gift all her friends!

Balkrishna Mehta

Fabulous products! I bought 2 large totes and a wallet from EcoKaari.  Amazing quality, fantastic designs and great workmanship. Kudos to EcoKaari for doing such a superlative job of protecting our environment. I have spread the word as far as i can. Besides that, EcoKaari will be on the top of my list for gifting and personal use. All the best to the EcoKaari team. God bless you all.

Vijayalakshmi Srinivasan

Wonderful product! Very nice outer designed by waste upcycled plastic, and interior stiched with cotton cushion. If citizens of every corner of India use EcoKaari daily use products, and ship single use plastic bags to: EcoKaari Office, Pune. Then I'm sure that plastic garbage free clean city, state and country can be made. A good initiative has been taken by: Mr. Nandan Bhat and his entire team of EcoKaari Pune. I congratulate to whole team of EcoKaari for this wonderful initiative.

Pradeep Mandal

A wonderful product! Just bought this bag and it is incredible! Can't believe you people have actually upcycled plastic into something so good and utilitarian! Kudos to this initiative and hope you keep growing and save the ecosystem for us all! Three cheers to the entire team at EcoKaari!

Supriya Acharya

Superb Bags! Loved the two bags I received....very neatly made. Will proudly use them and will surely be ordering more bags later.

Sakina Shakeer

Most impressed! I bought two totes from here. Was really impressed with the workmanship and attention to detail.

Chandana Roychoudhury

Must Have! The bag is absolutely beautiful! I highly recommend getting one of these.

Rucha R.

EcoKaari UPCYCLES single-use Waste Plastic