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Our Upcycling Story

EcoKaari is a social enterprise, born from an ardent desire of the team, to create a community where the bottom-up development is the key to achieve better living for all beings in a sustainable way.

‘Eco’ means Eco-friendly, and ‘Kaari’ means Kaarigar (Artisan). Our logo represents the relationship between the Artisans and Environment. They both are interconnected and interdependent. India’s handicraft heritage has always drawn inspiration from the environment. Mother Earth has always been an integral part of our lives. Traditionally, our craft techniques always believed in upcycling, material optimisation, and waste minimisation many millennia ago.

EcoKaari UPCYCLES waste plastic into beautiful handcrafted fabrics using Charkha (spindle) and Handloom. These fabrics are HANDCRAFTED by women and youth who belongs to humble backgrounds. We aim to innovate and present sustainable alternatives by pairing traditional Indian crafts with our UPCYCLED-HANDCRAFTED fabrics with contemporary designs.

When we handcraft our eko products, we do so in a way that cares and respects the values of our people, our planet and our communities.

Our 3 pillars of sustainable development are:

1. Our Planet: Climate change and its effects continue to be one of the most significant challenges facing our generation. Ethical and sustainable practices are a responsibility we take seriously at EcoKaari.  

  • We procure waste plastic from the organisation who collect waste at large scale and from conscious consumers who donate their household waste plastic. We use biodegradable cleaner to clean our plastic, and the water usage is managed carefully.
  • Wastage of EcoKaari’s Upcycled-Handcrafted fabric is either repurposed in other products or is donated to another organisation which turns waste plastic into fuel.
  • Wastage of cotton fabric, which is used as the inside lining of the products, are repurposed by stitching them together to create sustainable packaging for parcels.
  •  ‘Closing the loop’ philosophy is essential to us. We reduce the impact of the product life cycle by repairing the products. We also take back the products once it’s at the end of their lifecycle to repurpose them or responsibly disposed of.

     2. Our People: EcoKaari’s team is an amalgamation of untold stories, backgrounds and perspectives; everyone plays an integral part in creating the company we believe in and want to belong to! We are devoted to empowering people and communities and focus on improving their mental well-being and expand their access to economic opportunities to become self-reliant.

     3. Our Communities: We are committed to giving back to our communities where our weavers and artisans live and work, to bring a meaningful positive change through our empowerment programs. Our Mission is to encourage individuals from less privileged backgrounds to learn and acquire new skills; giving them the opportunity to earn by their initiative. It’s time we connect back with our roots and create a larger canvas for all the beautiful and supreme creativity that our artisans of India have for generations.

    We want you to love and use our eko products not because they fit your lifestyle, but because they fit your values as well!  

    “At EcoKaari, every weave, every fabric has a story to tell,
    And that story takes you down a memory lane.....”

    Check out EcoKaari's eko UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN Products!