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Free Shipping on all orders NOW pan India! | Free Gift on orders INR 5000 & above!!
Free Shipping on all orders NOW pan India! | Free Gift on orders INR 5000 & above!!

EcoKaari’s WOW Project

EcoKaari’s  WOW Project (Waste to Wealth; an end-to-end project) where EcoKaari will upcycle the company’s donated waste plastic into products, which the company can buy at corporate rates to gift to their clients, executives, employees and others.

Through this project, the Companies under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Sustainability Wing, will help us in creating a significant impact on the Environment by upcycling the single-use waste plastic and enabling Livelihoods for artisans from humble backgrounds.

We upcycle the waste plastic using the age-old craft of Charkha (spindle) and Handloom. Thus, reviving the India heritage and being an integral part of the Handicrafts Industry of India. 

This will also help the Companies in improving the environmental and social credentials with their consumers, investors and employees and the PR and Marketing. 


At present, we are working with ITC’s Terra by YiPPee! Project.

Under EcoKaari X Terra by YiPPee! we are upcycling YiPPee! Noodles wrappers using Charkha and Handloom and transforming the fabrics into beautiful and super-useful Upcycled-Handwoven accessories!

Environmental Impact: Saved more than 5000 wrappers from going into landfills.
Social Impact: Enabled more than 20 days of livelihoods for our Artisans.

If you are Company, who is looking to work on the similar project, please connect with us at and